Exploring the Parishes and Schools in Brooklyn, NY

As an expert on education in Brooklyn, NY, I am constantly amazed by the diverse and rich offerings of this borough. From its population to its history, Brooklyn is a hub of schools and educational institutions. But what many people may not know is that a significant number of these schools are attached to parishes. In this article, I will delve into the parishes in Brooklyn, NY and explore the connection between these parishes and their attached schools.

The Role of Parishes in Brooklyn, NY

Before we dive into the number of parishes with schools in Brooklyn, it's important to understand the role of parishes in this borough.

A parish is a territorial unit within a diocese, typically overseen by a priest. In Brooklyn, parishes play a crucial role in the Catholic community, providing spiritual guidance and support to its members. The Diocese of Brooklyn covers both Brooklyn and Queens and is home to 186 parishes. Each parish has its own unique history and community, serving as a center for worship, education, and community outreach.

The Number of Parishes in Brooklyn, NY

According to the Official Catholic Directory, there are 186 parishes in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Out of these, 150 are located in Brooklyn and 36 in Queens.

Each parish has its own name and patron saint, with some of the most well-known ones being St. Patrick's Church in Bay Ridge, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Williamsburg, and St. Francis of Assisi Church in Park Slope.

Parishes with Schools Attached

Now, let's get to the main question - how many parishes in Brooklyn, NY have schools attached to them? The answer may surprise you. Out of the 186 parishes in the Diocese of Brooklyn, 135 have schools attached to them.

That's a whopping 72% of all parishes in the diocese!This means that the majority of parishes in Brooklyn not only provide spiritual guidance but also offer education to their community. These schools range from elementary schools to high schools and serve students from all backgrounds and faiths. The Catholic schools attached to these parishes are known for their academic excellence and strong sense of community. They provide a well-rounded education, combining faith-based teachings with a rigorous curriculum. Many of these schools have been around for decades and have a rich history in their respective communities.

The Impact of Parishes with Schools

The presence of parishes with schools attached has a significant impact on the communities they serve.

These schools not only provide quality education but also foster a sense of belonging and community among students and their families. Moreover, these schools often offer scholarships and financial aid to students in need, making Catholic education accessible to all. This has a positive impact on the diversity and inclusivity of these schools, creating a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds. In addition, parishes with schools attached also play an important role in the overall education system in Brooklyn. They provide an alternative option for families who may not be satisfied with the public school system or cannot afford private education.


In conclusion, Brooklyn, NY is home to 186 parishes, out of which 135 have schools attached to them. These parishes play an important role in the Catholic community, providing spiritual guidance and education to their members.

The presence of these schools has a significant impact on the communities they serve, promoting diversity, inclusivity, and academic excellence. So the next time you pass by a parish in Brooklyn, remember that it's not just a place of worship, but also a center for education and community. And if you're looking for a quality Catholic education for your child, you now know that there are plenty of options in Brooklyn!.